• If you don't have windows, insert frosted glass in your walls to bring in the light.

  • Gray ceramic is modern, clean and trendy.

  • Simple and soft colors with oval bath.

  • All white and dark brown is bright and classic.

  • Great way to use the space with large mirror on top of two sick.

  • modern sick with large mirror makes your bathroom look bigger.

  • Beautiful light fixture over your sick is classic.

  • White walls with moldings with gray walls is warm and welcoming.

  • 600

The bathroom should be a serene and relaxing place where you can unwind from a busy day and forget about your worries. However, sometimes dull decor can hinder your personal oasis and leave you feeling anything but inspired. These unique bathrooms are an easy and offers afforable ideas to update your bathroom so you can enjoy some much deserved you time.